Best Overall: “Cause of Bonnie”
Best Narrative: “Cause of Bonnie”
Best Experimental: “Orange Paper”
Best Documentary:  Alex Gazza “Brush”
Best Performance: Alyssa Santiago “The Final Moments”
Best Supporting: Noah Morales “Salmon In The Bag”
Best Cinematography: Jameson Micca “The Happy Place”
Best Sound: Robbie Del Latto “Para-Void”
Best Editing: Ian Leopold “A Dream within a Dream”
Best Director: Michael Gallo “Day of the Clown”
Best Screenplay: Paige Blum “Between The Darkness”
Audience Choice: “Day of the Clown”

Best in Show Photography: Ally Caruso “Insomnia Behind the Scenes”
Best Representational Photography: Rosemarie Bemus “Emely”
Best Abstract/Experimental Photography: Ally Caruso “Insomnia Behind the Scenes”
Best Black and White Photography: Michael Guillaume “Untitled (Jacob)”
Best Color Photography: Michael Guillaume “Untitled (Forsythia)”
2D Digital Art: Janell George “Valkyrie”
2D Animation: Johnny Ragusa “Open Your Eyes”
3D Animation: Nick Irish “Infinite Journeys”
2D/3D Animation And Assets: Peter DeVita “Krypto the Superdog”

Nicole Monteleone

FTC Luminaries 2022